Ethical Approach

For Projentum, corporate responsibility is about core values and principles that govern the way we operate.

It’s about ensuring we have a positive impact on our people, the people we place, the communities we work in and build the trust and respect of our clients whilst endeavoring to “give something back”.

We aim to create a balance between the development of opportunities with our clients, working with and supporting our local communities and sustaining the environment in which we operate.
We achieve Corporate Social Responsibilities by:

  • Engaging with our clients to understand their needs and expectations
  • Applying policies and procedures that meet all legislative and ethical requirements.
  • Committing to recruiting and selecting a diverse range of people.
  • Providing our staff with learning and development opportunities, including IT, management and development courses.
  • Promoting the health, safety and well being of those for whom we are responsible.
  • Encouraging staff to become involved within local communities by offering paid leave for charity work.
  • Sustaining and improving the environment within which we operate, minimising any negative impact.

We regularly donate to and support a range of charities and other voluntary organisations:

  • Shortly after creating Projentum we decided to support CLIC Sargent in their fight against childhood cancer with a monthly donation. To date we have donated nearly £10,000.
  • Supporting local charities such as AVSED and the donation of prizes to help raise funds for End Youth Homelessness
  • One of our directors is the Chair of Formby Swimming Club and is responsible for the development and successful funding of the organisation. He is also a Parent Governor for Range High School in Formby, Merseyside.
  • Participating in charity events or challenges and facilitating work experience for students from schools based in Yorkshire and Merseyside.


Our Conscience

We actively support a number of voluntary organisations and charities and give our time to local community projects.